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During the May 20th St. Paul’s Church Council meeting the time of reopening the worship services of our church was discussed at length. There are still a lot of issues related to safety and health with the COVID-19 pandemic and each was considered. The council acknowledges that there are many people who are anxious to come back to services and join in worship and fellowship. Distancing, the use of masks and other preventative measures continue to be methods to avoid possible spreading of the virus and will still be urged when we come together. It was also discussed that the peak exposure and risk period has not yet passed and that it will occur in early to the middle of June. The council decided to continue waiting until June to reopen for worship at St. Paul’s in order to have the safest and healthiest possible sanctuary and personal space for everyone. Thanks to everyone for their understanding and support during this difficult time. We will gather again and we also pray that we can avoid any unnecessary contamination, exposure or spreading of the Corona Virus. Thank you again for your continuing support.

In Christ,

President Marlin Bauman, The St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Council and Pastor Hans