St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Doing small things for Christ in order to make a big difference in our community...

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As God’s People, we

·        Invite people into faith in Christ;

·        Celebrate life together in God’s Grace;

·        Care for the needs of people;

·        Prepare one another to live lives of joyful witness and service to God.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

711 6th Ave S
Clear Lake, SD 57226

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St. Paul's Lutheran Church is canceling worship services and activities until further notice. We encourage everyone to follow the COVID-19 precautions as outlined by our Government and National Health Boards have advised during this time. Be safe and continue in prayer for everyone's safety and health. We will be working to continue bringing a message of the gospel to our people. Watch for updates. At this time the Easter Breakfast served by the youth has been cancelled