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As God’s People, we

·        Invite people into faith in Christ;

·        Celebrate life together in God’s Grace;

·        Care for the needs of people;

·        Prepare one another to live lives of joyful witness and service to God.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

711 6th Ave S
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We are celebrating Holy Communion this coming Sunday, July 5th at our worship services, 9:30am. There will be special precautions used for safety related to our COVID-19 pandemic and we are informing the congregation and all those desiring to participate. 


We will have special wrapped/enclosed communion cups containing both the host/wafer and the blood/grape juice. They will be available at the Narthex to be picked up and taken into the church with you for participation. The regular liturgy will be accomplished using the music and words of institution followed by the Lords prayer. We will then sing our sending song and follow with distribution/taking communion in the pews or seating areas. Dismissal with the Benediction will be followed by being ushered out of the Sanctuary. Again we encourage any visiting and fellowship to be done in the lawn and parking lot areas. We will have the ushers equipped to assist anyone who has difficulty opening our special communion elements and encourage anyone needing assistance to raise their hand or gain ushers attention. Receptacles will be available in the Narthex as you exit. 


Holy Communion will also be available for those who will not attend services as they practice safety related to health issues and spreading COVID-19. Immediately after worship and everyone has had opportunity to exit our facilities we will bring our elements to the parking lot area in front of the WEST EXIT DOOR. Cars may drive by, entering the parking lot from the North, driving to the door and receiving the elements from Pastor and assistant and exiting by continuing to drive through to the south end exit. We anticipate the time to be approximately  10:20am to 10:50am. Please wait in line to be served if you choose to drive through. Pastor Hans